"Starkbier" (Strong Beer) Celebration

The celebration of the ‘Starkbier’ has been a tradition at ‘Gasthof Auer’ for many years. Every year again the ‘Starkbier’ season starts with the period of fasting and ends 7 weeks later with Easter.


At the yearly ‘Starkbier’ celebration the mayor of Passau has the honor to tap the first barrel of the dark strong beer accompanied by the CEO of the ‘Innstadt’ brewery, Friedhelm Feldmeier, and his ‘Starkbier’ queen. Typically, various Bavarian delicacies, from the oven roasted pork leg to homemade potatoes cream cheese are being served and of course not to forget the ‘Starkbier’ in a one-liter-jug and pretzels.


And now a little bit about the history of the ‘Starkbier’…

Who invented it?

Since many centuries the Bavarian monks are said to be the originators, who tried to compensate the restricted ingestion during the fasting period with nutritious drinks.


What is ‘Starkbier’?

It is also called ‘Bockbier’ and has a higher alcohol level and more calories compared to the usual beers.

-more facts-

‘Starkbier’ can either be a lager or top-fermented with a relatively high specific gravity of more than 16%. There is light and dark strong beer.

‘Doppelbock’ is an even stronger a maltier version of the strong lager and has more than 18% gravity. This beer has an alcohol level between 5% and 10%.