Family history


As appears from the chronicle of Heining by Adolf Langer, the restaurant (formerly under the name Knödelseder, than Heininger) possessed a liquor license since 1873.


On April 15th in 1952 the blacksmith Kajetan Auer and his wife Maria bought the old inn and moved, with their two sons Kajetan junior (4 years) and Gustl (3 months), from Frickenhammer near Wegscheid to Heining. Despite the long-established Restaurant Silbereisen, located across the church, Kajetan Auer and his wife, who was affectionately called “Auer-Mare” by the community, succeeded in gaining traction in Heining through traditional cuisine, efficiency and diligence. It was certainly crucial that Kajetan junior abandoned his career with the finance authority and chose to support his aged parents in the restaurant instead.


In 1970 Kajetan junior replaced his father Kajetan senior, who worked behind the bar until the age of 87 and took over the business. Besides, he found the perfect wife and hostess in the well-trained and skilled cook Annemarie Schneider. Since the wedding of Kajetan junior and Annemarie from Iggensbach in 1985 she is the one setting the tone in the kitchen. Not only the local residents are enjoying the original Bavarian cuisine, a widely travelled tourist can experience an exemplar of real Bavarian drink and food culture here, too.


Even the 3rd generation of family Auer, the two daughters Katharina and Konstanze, are already integrated in the family business and help willingly as well as diligently at all times.