- the tradition of proper beer tapping -


Who never thought when watching the bartender tapping one beautiful foamed beer after another behind the bar that it must be dead easy?


In fact it is not as easy as you assumed, and the tradition of beer tapping is not considered as ‘true art’ for no reason. Exactly therefore, there are a few rules that need to be followed; like rinsing the glass with cold water before tapping and holding the glass slightly skew and moving it into an upright position bit by bit. If you follow these guidelines you are sure to reach the ‘beer heaven’ in no time and you will be tapping beer like an expert.


Beer tapping has been celebrated as a tradition and art at ‘Gasthof Auer’ for many generations. The first mayor of Passau, Albert Zankl, once said: “You won’t find any more beautiful beer ‘flowers’ (foam) than here.”


In addition, an article about beer ‘care’ in the ‘Passauer Neuen Presse’ of June 23rd 2007 mentions that many breweries must not forget to teach their innkeepers how to tap and cool beer. Furthermore, it advised to hire Kajetan Auer from ‘Heining’ because he on of the few true experts where a freshly tapped beer still is an indulgence.