to our traditional family business which we own since more than seven decades.


At Gasthof Auer coziness and hospitality are „on top of the agenda“ means this is of highest importance to us. We live for the warm-heartedness and connection to you - our guests - and earning their trust. It is our duty to fulfill your wishes anew at each visit.


We hope to excite and convince you, every single time, with our traditional Bavarian dishes and the most beautiful beer blossoms in the city (quote of the former major) together with good service.


„Deeply connected with the tradition of running a restaurant, Gasthof Auer is presenting itself in different facettes; sometimes contemplative or arguing loudly but every time friendly and interconnecting.“ passau-live


Come and visit us!

We are delighted to welcome you at Gasthof Auer!



Family Auer