Bavarian food specialties


Are you craving for a delicious, crispy suckling pig freshly roasted in the kitchen’s oven or maybe for spicy and well-seasoned spareribs?

If you are looking to experience some real Bavarian Inn Tradition with its delicacies with your cozy group then you should come to us! We would be delighted to serve you a crispy roasted suckling pig with potato/bread dumplings and the original coleslaw salad with dices of fried bacon and turn your celebration into something special.


Choosing for the ‘Reindl’ offers a variety of Bavarian indulgences like pork roast and marinated pork roast, spicy spareribs and crispy pork belly. This will be served with different dumplings and coleslaw salad with dices of fried bacon, too.


Our chef Annemarie Auer would be pleased to prepare these Bavarian delicacies for you at a minimum group size of 15 persons.